About Us

Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc. (SVL) is a joint venture Company between Canadia Investment Holding PLC., the holding Company of Canadia Bank, and Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL from Thailand.

Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc. was granted full license as a life insurance Company by Ministry of Economy and Finance on 24 December 2015, and started operations in 2016. With strong support from both shareholders, plus the use of “customer centricity” to understand the behavior of the Cambodian customers, SVL will be able to develop the right products and services to fulfill the specific need of Cambodian customers. Sitemap

Our Vision

We determine to be a leader in life assurance business who can provide the best protection and services to our clients through innovative products, professional advices, service excellence and multi-distribution channel.

Our Mission

We are a life assurance company that is committed to provide exceptional services as well as excellent return to our clients, employees, shareholders and society.